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Are leggings good for the gym?

Are leggings good for the gym?

When you are working on your performance in the gym, what you wear can have a big impact. Whilst it may not lead to massively improved lists or times, it can give you the confidence to push yourself whilst also staying comfortable.

Crossfit by its nature is an intensive form of exercise that often requires a good range of motion to be fully enjoyed. Part of this comes through flexibility but also through having non restrictive clothing that doesn't get in the way of you performing at your best. 

Having supportive yet flexible clothing is very important when it comes to lower body movements and particularly for leg pressing movements. Here we take a look at gym leggings and whether or not they are good for Crossfit and other forms of training in the gym. 

What are leggings? 

Taking it back to basics, leggings are elastic close fitting garments worn over the legs and are often used for training and the ‘athletic look’. Modern use dates back to the 1960s but they are now very popular in gyms across the country. 

Should you wear leggings in the gym? 

In short, you should wear what you feel most comfortable in, and this is why many reach for leggings. They offer a snug fit and compression leggings give you complete freedom of movements which is perfect if you are looking to get deep into a squat and land more acrobatic movements like front and back flips. 

Leggings can also help with the ‘mind muscle connection’ as they give you a better view of your muscles in action. Baggy clothes can hinder this and get in the way of you really getting the most out of every rep in the gym. 

The comfort that leggings offer is also a great benefit as it really lets you concentrate on your performance. Leggings are often less prone to tears which means you will not be at the risk of damaged clothing in certain lifts; this is a great benefit for those participating in CrossFit workouts. 

Leggings are also very stylish! 

If you are looking for leggings that help you make a statement when you are working out then look no further than Trainfit. We stock a variety of funky gym leggings from leading brands like Halo Fitness and Rejuvenate that offer a comfortable alternative to gym shorts whilst also helping you stay stylish. 

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