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What clothing do I need for Crossfit?

What clothing do I need for Crossfit?

What you wear for your workouts may seem like a small matter, but the right clothing will make it easier for you to perform and push yourself. This is important in all modems of training but particularly Crossfit. 

So what type of Crossfit clothing should you wear for your WODs? Keep reading to find out, and find out how the right clothing can really improve your workouts. 

1. Good quality trainers 

When it comes to Crossfit, trainers that are comfortable whilst offering support are a must. They will help keep you secure during heavy lifts and make it easy to transition into the more cardio focused part of the workout. Make sure they are a part of your Crossfit clothing arsenal. 

2. A light and breathable t-shirt

Keeping the upper body cool will keep you as comfortable as possible during your Crossfit workouts. 

A good tank top or t-shirt that is well fitted will offer you stylish support whilst helping to keep you cool. Brands such as Virus and Halo offer good quality clothing made from breathable materials that are great for Crossfit and other forms of high-intensity training.

3. Breathable shorts, tights or leggings

Breathability in your Crossfit clothing will make you a lot more comfortable, which is where good quality shorts, tights or leggings can make a massive difference. These will help support you during heavy lifts whilst not inhibiting your range of motion during other movements. 

4. A good quality sports bra

If you need a sports bra, make sure you pick one that offers good support. You are going to be jumping around and running, which means you'll need a sports bra to support high intensity workouts.

5. Breathable socks 

Breathable socks are essential in Crossfit as the likelihood is you will be performing a lot of compound and jumping movements in quick succession. Having socks that offer support as well as breathability will really benefit your workouts. 

Browse clothing for Crossfit and wider training on Trainfit 

The clothing and brands that we stock are great for Crossfit but they are not limited to this application. Good quality clothing will benefit a range of different workouts, so feel free to browse our apparel today to find the right item for you. 

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