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What do I need for a CrossFit workout?

What do I need for a CrossFit workout?

The wide variety and styles of training that are involved within CrossFit means that there is a lot of equipment that whilst not in all cases essential, can really benefit your CrossFit workout. 

What is CrossFit workout? 

The workouts within CrossFit focus on high intensity interval training combined with strength and conditioning. This mode of training involved functional movements performed at high intensity that follow typical actions that you would perform in day to day life, such as squats, pulling and pressing movements. 


What equipment do you need for CrossFit? 

CrossFit combines a lot of different training styles and the equipment should keep you prepared for any eventuality. So what type of equipment is useful to get started? 

  • Cross training grips
  • Speed ropes
  • Suitable clothing and apparel
  • A WOD timer to time the workouts

Whilst the items listed above are not mandatory, they are good to have and will put you in a good place to start CrossFit training.

Additional forms of equipment could help you diversify the type of CrossFit movements you could perform and give you support for injuries. 

What is WOD Welder hand cream? 

When you perform pulling and other movements within CrossFit and general training you may find that you develop calluses on your hands. Whilst general hardening is inevitable,  you can find products to help alleviate some of the discomfort. 

The hand cream from WOD Welder keeps you hands supple and moisturised which will help with the drying of the skin that can often develop through the use of excessive chalk. 

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