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Athlete with CrossFit Gym Knee Sleeves

Why Do CrossFitters wear Gym Knee Sleeves?

When performing heavy lifts, having the correct form is essential if you are to protect yourself from injuries and potentially dangerous accidents. This is very relevant when it comes to CrossFit as athletes are often performing compound movements in quick succession and fatigue has a chance to set in. 

Gym Knee sleeves are a popular accessory within CrossFit and are very useful for heavy lifts including the squat snatch, or the clean and jerk. They often have a warming effect during the lifts and can aid in the recovery process which is why they are very popular amongst CrossFit athletes. 

Here we take a closer look at knee sleeves and why they are useful for CrossFit with the help of brands like Murgs and Bear KompleX. 

What are knee sleeves used for in CrossFit? 

Gym Knee sleeves are used in CrossFit and other types of training that include intense or heavy training. In CrossFit they can help limit knee cap movements which can help to prevent injury. 

CrossFit athletes also use gym knee sleeves as they can offer support during the workout and aid the recovery process after. 

What are the benefits of knee sleeves in CrossFit? 

Knee sleeves offer a number of benefits to those looking for CrossFit accessories.

  • Knee sleeves offer good knee support which help to alleviate some of the pain associated with heavy lifts and intense lower body workout
  • The knee compression means that there is a reducing in swelling and pain which can help increase performance during the workouts 
  • After intense WODs (Workout of the Days) knee sleeves can provide a warming effect that helps with the recovery process 

What is the difference between powerlifting knee sleeves and CrossFit knee sleeves? 

In terms of the differences between CrossFit and powerlifting knee sleeves the main difference is the thickness of the material. Powerlifters normally wear thicker knee sleeves to provide stability during heavy lifts while CrossFit sleeves are normally made from Neoprene and retain the heat to increase knee mobility.

Differences Summary

The main difference is the thickness of the material and purpose of the knee sleeve. 

Which knee sleeves are best for CrossFit? 

When you are looking for the right gym knee sleeves for your CrossFit workout you will want to pick the right product that is going to provide good support and stability at a reasonable price. 

Trainfit are proud to work alongside knee sleeve brands such as Murgs and Bear KompleX which focus on providing gym knee sleeves that are ideal for CrossFit. We work with suppliers who are experts when it comes to supplying accessories and equipment that helps with CrossFit workouts. 

Feel free to check out the Murgs knee sleeves below tto find out more about how they can improve your CrossFit workouts. 

Murgs Knee Sleeves >> (£34.99)

Alternatively if you are looking for expert CrossFit coaching in the Exeter region then feel free to take a look at the official Trainfit CrossFit Gym. 

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