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Pumice Stone Hand Care Kit

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✔︎ OUTSTANDING REPAIR! - Our Solid Salve Fixes Ripped Hands and Damaged Skin and speeds up the healing of torn calluses for any Rower, Powerlifter, Gymnast, Strongman, or Fitness Athlete.
✔︎ VERSATILE CONDITIONING! - Wild Harvested Pumice Stone lets you naturally condition your calluses to the optimum "even height" which prevents future cracking and breaking. - Easily.
✔︎ A CRITICAL 3RD STEP! - Our “Hands as RX Daily Conditioning Cream” helps you combat the drying effects of chalk and barbells so your hands stay hydrated and flexible every day. - A TOTAL FIX.
✔︎ NO-NONSENSE! - Completely Natural Formula ensures you get the hand-care you need without turning to cheap un-natural junk.
✔︎ TRUSTED! - A Handcrafted, Made in the USA, Not Animal Tested Product makes it so you can feel good about the choices you make and get a solution that works for thousands of athletes worldwide.