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Callus Shave Hand Care Kit

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✔︎ OUTSTANDING REPAIR! - Our Solid Salve Fixes Ripped Hands and Damaged Skin and speeds up the healing of torn calluses for any Rower, Powerlifter, Gymnast, Strongman, or Fitness Athlete.
✔︎ VERSATILE CALLUS MAINTENANCE! - A Great Alternative to Pumice Stones, our CALLUS SHAVER lets you comfortably and easily shave your calluses to the perfect height, every time. - Dead simple to use.
✔︎ A CRITICAL 3RD STEP! - Our “Hands as RX Daily Conditioning Cream” helps you combat the drying effects of chalk and barbells so your hands stay hydrated and flexible every day. - A TOTAL FIX.
✔︎ NO-NONSENSE! - Completely Natural Formula ensures you get the hand-care you need without turning to cheap un-natural junk.
✔︎ TRUSTED! - A Handcrafted, Made in the USA, Not Animal Tested Product makes it so you can feel good about the choices you make and get a solution that works for thousands of athletes nationwide.

If You've Been Waiting for A Callus Care System that WORKS, with the PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO A PUMICE STONE - Order Now with Our 110% Guarantee!

PERFECT FOR: Rowers, Powerlifters, Gymnasts, Strongmen, Fitness Athletes and all other callused exercisers who need to maintain and repair “athlete hands”... and don’t necessarily like the pumice stone method, or just want to try something else. (that’s totally cool, everybody’s different)