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Black Retro Weightlifting Belt - Hand Made In UK

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Current price £6.75
  • Hand made in UK
  • 4" back, tapers to 2.5" on side (olympic weightlifting style)
  • 1 piece of 6-7mm thick full grain dyed Black Bull shoulder
  • Embossed back logo for understated look
  • Chunky double prong black roller buckle
  • One chunky belt loop

ModiFit hand made belts are super popular but a lot of people are looking for something a lot more affordable. The latest in our series of affordable retro belts is our Black Retro Weightlifting Belt. Made from one piece of 6-7mm thick full grain dyed black Bull shoulder. Being full grain it has the strongest section of the leather, which won't stretch and tear like cheaper leathers. As it's made from bull leather rather than cow it's extra thick and strong. The leather itself is a matte black natural finish and has a plain natural inside finish. This belt might be budget but it's not a cheap belt that will break in a few weeks. This belt is for those who want a strong belt at an affordable price without all the frills. The leather itself is expensive, however as there's no gluing and stitching involved it allows us to make them quicker and thus keep production costs down. We then pass that on to you by selling these belts cheaper than our others.

These belts are retro style so don't have a pad. Each belt is around 6-7mm thick, so a little thicker than most belts meaning you have a great supportive belt whilst still having the flexibility in a deep squat that an Olympic weightlifting belt gives (due to the sides being tapered to 2.5”). The back of the belt is 4” high.

Over time the leather will age beautifully and uniquely to you, depending on how it's used, stored, sweated on etc. 

Vegetable leather is tanned using the traditional bark method, which takes several months to soften due to the thickness of the leather. This process creates a very durable leather that lasts a lifetime. The leather is dyed black. These belts are guaranteed for life. As it is made from natural products you will need to be sensible with how you store it - don't leave it at the bottom of your gym bag under your wet gym clothes and that manky old towel that's been in there for weeks. 

  • Small: 22" - 31" (belt length 90cm)
  • Medium: 26" - 35" (belt length 100cm)
  • Large: 30" - 39" (belt length 110cm)
  • XL: 34" - 43" (belt length 120cm)
Size: Small