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5'' Weightlifting Belt

by Murgs
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The Murgs Nylon Weightlifting Belt is a belt that's built to fit the natural shape of your body. With a 4 inch front and 5 inch rear, it gives extra support on the lower back whilst comfortably allowing you to bend over making this belt perfect for all complexity of lifts.

This belt makes a great alternative to a heavy duty leather belt as its light, thin and durable making it easy to transport, wear and store.

The Murgs 5'' Weightlifting belt offers a strong hook and loop system paired with a steel buckle making the belt easy to put on, adjust and remove, meaning it's perfect for heavy compounds, bodyweight movements or circuits that involve both.


• Lightweight, low profile and hard wearing make this belt incredibly well suited to those lifting regularly and heavy.

• Thin design allows the belt to be conveniently rolled up and transported easily.

• Steel buckle paired with ultra strong hook and loop lock the belt in meaning once it's tight, it's staying tight.

• 5 inch rear offers incredible support to lower back whilst 4 inch front allow comfortable bending to suit all styles of compound lift.

• Black nylon and buckle with a white rubber logo keep a subtle yet aggressive look.

• 50mm x 80mm space for a patch to the side of the buckle lets you add your own flair to the belt. 

Size: X-Small